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Motherkissers - "Aeons"

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Artist Bio:

Motherkissers is an Italian alternative metal/hc band from Milan (Italy), formed in late 2011, with a clear idea in mind: play live, play louder and bang heads. Musical influences range from classic Deftones to Every Time I Die, jumping across a bunch of nu-metal, melodic metalcore nuances, as a perfect result of the different flavors tasted by their members Dan (Voice), John (Guitars), Teo (drums) and Api (Bass). Name "Motherkissers" reflects the relaxed and provocative personality of the four underdogs, in contrast to the stereotypical image of the genre they approach. In 2013 Motherkissers released "Lost in a paradox", EP promoted by several gigs all around Europe. In 2014 they released the debut album "Cage the water" through Memorial Records. It's a new beginning...

About The Video:

It's the story of a man who kill himself because indifference and hipocrisy also surround and drive him crazy.

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