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The Fantastic Plastics - "We Are Obsolete"

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The Fantastic Plastics - "We Are Obsolete"

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Artist Bio:

The Fantastic Plastics are classify themselves at Future Wave, a blend of GlitchWave, New Wave, & Synth Punk. They are a 2 piece, Girl/Boy live act, formed in Champaign/Urbana Illinois in 2009 and officially launched late 2013 in NYC.

Taking inspiration from concert acts such as Man or Astroman, Devo & Ziggy Stardust era Bowie, The Fantastic Plastics blend video and costumes into their electrifying concerts.

Their debut album DEVOLVER is set for release Sept. 18th on Altercation Records.

About The Video: It's 3am on a Saturday, you're channeling surfing in a motel room with the most basic of basic cable. Is the television obsolete? No. We are Obsolete!

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